Let Us Buy Your House Upstate Reviews

Almost everyone knows several local real estate agents but selling your Spartanburg South Carolina house to a direct cash buyer like Let Us Buy Your House Upstate may be a new concept for most. See how we’ve helped other local property owners sell with confidence, for a fair price, on your own schedule without traditional real estate hassles and fees.

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It was a pleasure to work with you. You were very informative. Whenever I had a question, you were patient and detailed. You kept me alert to how I could best help you at the closing. Thank you so much for all you did. Hopefully, the closings will be less complicated than ours in your future!

Janice J, Inman, SC

I would like to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for purchasing my home! I had severe medical problems and was in a financial bind when I saw your company ad re: “purchasing your home with no closing costs, no repairs, no hassle.” I was ready to file bankruptcy because I thought there was no other option for me. I called and spoke with Joseph and he offered me the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, I am no longer a homeowner (wonderful for me!) I received a decent equity amount without making repairs that were needed, which I had no money, time or physical ability to do. This entire process was fast! I highly recommend them to anyone and pray their business grows immensely!

Glenda K, Woodruff, SC

Thank you Joseph and Elizabeth for purchasing our home so quickly! You were a blessing!

Amanda B, Inman, SC

“A cash offer goes faster, with less risk for the seller … A cash offer is a stronger offer … Cash sales have lower costs.”